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  • Bronze Level Member

    Elke maand
    Small Discounts on most drones and accessories.
    • Small Discounts
    • Access to Learning Videos
  • Silver Level Member

    Elke maand
    Intermediate Discounts
    • Even Larger Discounts on Drone Products and Accessories
    • Access to Learning Videos
    • Exclusive Web Access to Enterprise Drone Pricing
    • 2 Private Business Growth Meetings a Month
    • Access to Emerging Markets Information
  • Voordeligst

    Gold Level Member

    Elke maand
    For Exclusive SkyCon Members
    • The highest discounts for life of membership
    • Exclusive Discounts on Enterprise Drones and Accessories
    • Exclusive Web access
    • 2 Live Business Growth Sessions A month
    • Access to leads for Drone contracts and work
    • Free informational updates in drone community and workforce

For Silver and Gold Level Members, discounts for products will become available immediately but if any discount is used membership must stay active for 4 months.

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